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Lady Snowblood


Dirigida por Toshiya Fujita
Japón, 1973
Drama, Thriller


Follows the story of the titular assassin seeking vengeance upon the bandits who raped her mother and murdered her father.

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Lady Snowblood Dirigida por Toshiya Fujita
The sequel lacks the original’s simple, non-stop pacing – hacking from one revenge killing to the next… It often feels like Snowblood is a supporting character in her own feature, as the battle between the Tokunagas and the government dominates. And they are far less compelling characters than Snowblood’s enigmatic killing machine. So while it doesn’t live up to the original, it still makes for satisfying viewing, especially for those interested in imaginative killings.
July 11, 2017
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An aria of arterial spray, gushing in myriad patterns against a variety of white fabrics. It takes Jean-Luc Godard’s tossed off comment that the blood in Pierrot Le Fou (1965) is “Not blood” but “red” to its logical conclusion, a festival of artfully composed throat-slittings and torso hackings. Blood spits out of human bodies like when Mentos are dropped into a bottle of Diet Coke. It frames killing as pure artifice, executed with impassive grace by the beautiful Meiko Kaji.
July 04, 2017
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If the story is simple, the aesthetic is anything but. The first film pushes low-budget ingenuity to the cusp of experimentation, using paintings and still photographs to fill in historical and narrative context, as well as panels from Kazuo Koike’s original manga to increase scenes of action. Fujita’s direction alternates between carefully composed, mostly static images and rawer, handheld takes of characters in motion.
January 19, 2016
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