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Le combat dans l'île

Dirigida por Alain Cavalier
Francia, 1962
Drama, Policíaco


A hidden gem of 1960s New French Cinema, Alain Cavalier’s Le combat dans l’île is as coolly modern as it is tensely gripping. Filled with thrilling plot twists, jazzy gun battles and stormy betrayals, this scintillating neo-noir unfolds against a backdrop of ’60s political turmoil.

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Le combat dans l'île Dirigida por Alain Cavalier

Reseñas críticas

The self-serious credits might make you think you’re in familiarly dull territory, but then we have the first image: a woman’s face emerging from the darkness, as though walking towards the camera, though, as we soon realize, she’s sitting in the backseat of a car that has just passed a streetlight. We’re in unfamiliar territory, but so are the characters; as soon as they think they know what genre they’re in, the plot changes.
August 31, 2009
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