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Le deuxième souffle

Dirigida por Jean-Pierre Melville
Francia, 1966


With his customary restraint and ruthless attention to detail, director Jean-Pierre Melville follows the parallel tracks of French underworld criminal Gu (Lino Ventura), escaped from prison and roped into one last robbery, and the suave inspector, Blot (Paul Meurisse), relentlessly seeking him.

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Le deuxième souffle Dirigida por Jean-Pierre Melville

Reseñas críticas

It takes the noir to the heights of a monumental apogee of the genre where words can only belittle the grandiosity of it all. The source material and dialogues by José Giovanni, a veritable giant of French cinema, bring this film dangerously close to the Olympus of world cinema.
May 02, 2017
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From the abstract virtuosity of the opening jailbreak to the silent salute of the final heartbreak, Melville distills emotions to rarefied minimalist gestures—as in a New Year’s Eve scene with Gu, alone in his hideout, stoically facing a blank future—and offers a stringent morality of self-discipline, both his heroes’ and his own.
July 22, 2016
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The highway heist is [a] tour de force, armored cars and gangsters collide as the panning-zooming camera contemplates what might be the jagged edge of the world.
April 27, 2015
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