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El confidente

Le doulos

Dirigida por Jean-Pierre Melville
Francia, 1962
Thriller, Policíaco


Maurice Faugel sale de la cárcel tras cumplir condena. Poco después asesina a Gilbert Varnove, un amigo suyo. El siguiente paso será preparar un atraco, pero para ello necesita una serie de herramientas que le proporcionará Silien, un individuo del que se sospecha que es un confidente policial.

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El confidente Dirigida por Jean-Pierre Melville
Melville’s obsession with 1930s gangster films and internal codes of honor reaches a high watermark with Les Doulos. Belmondo suppresses his intrinsic charm to perfect, cold effect—he and Reggiani are ruthlessly efficient, the deep emotions behind their actions barely breaking their placid surfaces. But it’s that slight crack revealing humanity that inevitably leads to doom, and Les Doulos features the most ideal death in all cinema.
March 11, 2018
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Technically, stylistically and poetically this film represents the first work where Melville expresses his full directorial potential. Suspense rhythmically rises in a montage of surgical finesse, the plot moves forward in layers sidestepping the narrative conventions of the genre while interlacing its own internal logic. The climax pulls all the loose strings together in an act of narrative bravura that denotes a cultivated talent the likes of which French cinema will seldom experience again
May 02, 2017
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The Möbius strip of noir ambiguity, as hard and shivery and tortuous as can be… The collapsing screen from Les Enfants Terribles figures suggestively in the final shootout, the concept of underworld honor reduced to a fallen chapeau.
May 19, 2014
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