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El amor después del mediodía

L'amour l'après-midi

Dirigida por Éric Rohmer
Francia, 1972
Romántico, Drama


Un joven ejecutivo encuentra a un antiguo amor que hace tambalear la estabilidad de su matrimonio.

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El amor después del mediodía Dirigida por Éric Rohmer
Chloé and Frédéric’s conversations are sexy and probing in classic Rohmer fashion, and the leads generate intoxicating chemistry. . . . What’s most remarkable about the film is the gentleness with which Rohmer approaches these heavy ideas, easing viewers into philosophical meditation with the effortlessness of a master.
June 29, 2018
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No film has asked more simply, nor more eloquently, what do you do when your heart is split between two people? Closing out his series of now legendary Six Moral Tales, Rohmer has all the fun he can in the early stages of this investigation, playing games and having fun with his wandering eyed hero. It’s when the games stop, the excuses flee, and there’s the simple fact of another person’s eyes boring a hole in your resolve, that this film becomes serious as a heart attack.
September 28, 2016
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Rohmer sculpts so finely, registering the texture of a cashmere pullover or cool sunshine harmonies or the quick way a smile follows a lie, that an extra maneuver can charge up the spartan screen: Husband and quasi-mistress embrace in her flat, he lifts the back of her shirt and runs his fingers over her bare back, the camera dollies in while street noises are faintly heard and suddenly it’s the most erotic scene of the decade.
May 02, 2016
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