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Ma' Rosa

Dirigida por Brillante Mendoza
Filipinas, 2016


Ma’ Rosa revolves around a sari-sari store in Metro Manila involved in illegal drug trade.

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Ma' Rosa Dirigida por Brillante Mendoza
Filmed in meticulously staged long takes, the camera prowls the police station, and while its handheld nature proved too much for some viewers, it is only fitting that such an alarming insight into Duterte’s Philippines carries a jolt.
June 22, 2017
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Brillante Mendoza—always less than brilliant—has clearly made it his mandate to project the ugliness of modern Manileño life by making films that embody said ugliness, which invariably results in films that are a) ugly, and b) predetermined, single-minded, and boring. (Others prefer to call it ‘neorealist’, because everything sounds prettier as an -ism.) Ma’ Rosa is no different, but at least, according to this year’s Cannes jury, it gave us a great lead performance from Jaclyn Jose.
September 04, 2016
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The austere film was an effective rendition of the violence and precariousness of life in the bas-fonds of the Philippines, but it caused barely a ripple of attention from a press corps consumed by more attention-grabbing fare.
July 10, 2016
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