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Magic Mike

Dirigida por Steven Soderbergh
Estados Unidos, 2012
Comedia, Drama


An experienced male stripper — played by Channing Tatum, who once was one —initiates a novice into the tricks of the trade.

Magic Mike Dirigida por Steven Soderbergh
Magic Mike is a film, at its core, about a sex worker during the prolonged financial crisis, starring an actor who has also been that manner of sex worker in real life. The character is not altogether miserable, but pushed into economic distress and increasing precarity. A representative of immaterial and affective labor, from a macroeconomic perspective such a worker is a true figure of the crisis…
February 04, 2013
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It is a small, often sad, film about relationships, concerned (but never ponderously so) with the compromises to personal integrity that come with pursuing the American dream in a sclerotic economy, evoking an utterly convincing and compelling sense of place and character throughout.
February 01, 2013
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What begins as a bromantic comedy ends, conventionally but satisfyingly, as a nicely low-key romantic drama. It’s a movie that affirms heterosexual hegemony while making a large chunk of the audience predisposed to espouse them nervous—all while remaining great fun—is a rare specimen. Magic Mike succeeds on all counts.
October 25, 2012
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