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Valoraciones & Críticas

  1. Pedja's rating of the film Luna

    Technically well done, acting is astonishing, but it is something like "Solaris Odyssey in Brazil".

  2. Tyler Aikens's rating of the film Luna

    A little long-winded, but Rockwell is great here. Pretty good movie, but I feel like I've seen it before.

  3. d's rating of the film Luna

    Nice contained picture with references to its peers but not too similar to be cringe-worthy. Well acted - although on this level overall, Red Dwarf makes a better use of its resources and storyline.

  4. Jim W's rating of the film Luna

    I hope this movie gets attention during awards season, because the attention it would give the director, Duncan Jones, would be great in bringing us more films from him. Sam Rockwell gave a great performance as well--pretty much carrying the whole film by himself.

  5. Andhika Eka Buana's rating of the film Luna

    wow,what a great year for a debutante director ! after Marc Webb colorful romantic comedy,here comes Duncan Jones first feature,Moon,which is,while not as great as some people said (many comparing this as 2001 for this decade) but still a delicate,above average,science fiction.And Rockwell deserves an oscar nomination in this one

  6. In An Expression Of The Inexpressible's rating of the film Luna

    Transparent and with a very naive aproach to an actually philosophical, psyhological question - spoiLeR- of human clones. It could be so much more, it could rase big questions, but somehow it's just a mix of wannabe Matrix and 2001: Space Odyssey and this fact is pretty clear - the elements of them are there but the whole story lacks a lot.

  7. CJ Lack's rating of the film Luna

    This movie is worthy of a Best Picture win but, knowing the Academy, they'll surely snub it.

  8. Phil Worfel's rating of the film Luna

    A beautifully told and executed small science fiction story. Yes, most of the concepts and ideas have been done before but that's hardly a criticism as any film genre is generally retelling old story's in a new way. The joy here is watching Sam Rockwell crafting a tremendous performance and carrying the film single-handedly. Fantastic debut by Duncan Jones! I hope he's already in pre-production on his next film!

  9. Niklas Persson's rating of the film Luna

    Just saw Moon tonight, it is for sure one of the better sci-fi films this in quite a few years. The ending was somewhat tame though...

  10. Mario Carvalhal's rating of the film Luna

    I would love it if they had shot the ending of the movie, but Acts 1 and 2 are fantastic.

  11. Andrew Patch's rating of the film Luna

    A wonderful sci-fi with a stand-out performance by Sam Rockwell. More importantly Moon is a film that tells a story both concisely and intelligently, no lasers, aliens, nor soap opera arcs, just a claustrophobic journey of identity, memory and discovery. Really enjoyable and highly recommended.

  12. Brendan's rating of the film Luna

    I liked it a lot, even if it's not a classic movie. It's an interesting, intelligent, low-key kind of sci-fi, which is a nice break from the noisy and flashy (albeit entertaining) modern sci-fi like Star Trek. Not superior necessarily, just different. Rockwell gives his all, too, which he is definitely to be commended for.

  13. Joshua Dysart's rating of the film Luna

    Not bad at all. I really enjoyed it, but when all was said and done it felt a little thin, even at 90 min.

  14. Rob Cunningham's rating of the film Luna

    Refreshing conglomeration, of a number of classic sci-fi themes from books and movies, that comes together in a beautifully composed movie, that strikes out and firmly leaves its own unique footprint on the sci-fi genre.