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Valoraciones & Críticas

  1. Joyce's rating of the film Luna

    never expected it to be that eerie.

  2. Katie Squires's rating of the film Luna

    I liked this and its dark subject matter. Well acted and keeps you guessing.

  3. Emmet Gingles's rating of the film Luna

  4. David Gorman79's rating of the film Luna

    Moon is a unique sci-fi, it swaps the fancy special effects often ubiquitous in the genre for a simple subtle approach to space travel. So rather than the effects the story and the performance by Sam Rockwell keeps the viewer engaged throughout.

  5. kris's rating of the film Luna

    3.5 I heard great things, its ok but then i'm not a big sic-fi fan.

  6. Jason's rating of the film Luna

  7. Arf's rating of the film Luna

    Lo spazio non fa per me

  8. uiu's rating of the film Luna

    i like how the story grows slowly and unveils its mind-bending plot a sci-fi that makes you question the ethics of a science's possible future

  9. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Luna

    Hello, Intelligent Intimate Sci-Fi, it's me. It's been a while. I was touched when you sent Moon my way recently. It meant a lot to see you're still around. I really loved all the experiences we once had together, and Moon was just like old times. Now that you know where I am I would like to hear more from you in the future. Best.

  10. J.J. Jake Gittes's rating of the film Luna

    Surprisingly good. Minimalistic set-up, without any unnecessary gimmicks. At first look it is all about being alone and complete isolation from the real world. At second look it is about the unlimited greed for profit & return of investment of multinational trusts. Human emotions are out of place. Great acting by Sam Rockwell. 3 stars plus.

  11. Xose Manoel Ramos's rating of the film Luna

  12. Hayat's rating of the film Luna

  13. Marcelo Baldin's rating of the film Luna

    Added to my "paranoia-like" movies list.

  14. Saule Mickeviciute's rating of the film Luna

    This was very interesting, I do recommend to watch it.

  15. Krisztian Hofstadter's rating of the film Luna

    Great, minimal style science fiction with some open questions at the end, that's how we like it :)

  16. JordanBrooks's rating of the film Luna

    Such a beautifully-layered examination of loneliness and the perseverance of the human spirit. Rockwell takes on the challenge of portraying the same man at two different points in his life with such an authenticity, it becomes the grounded core of this otherwise surreal film.

  17. johnfbarry71's rating of the film Luna

    a film about the human condition, about what it is to approach death, to age, to lose loved ones, to work for the man, a film about self-identity, loss and loneliness. The first film in a long while to remind me we all have three years left. The plot may yield few surprises and be a tad patchy in parts, but that's beside the point. And the acting is great. Very much recommended.

  18. P Teddy Sawyer's rating of the film Luna

    An optional title for Moon might be, Three Years a Slave. Slavery is here and now and is constantly changing form, As always with great science-fiction, the challenge is to analyse the present reality from the context of future possibilities. Outland, Dark Star,; this is among the best and is in the tradition of J.G.Ballard.

  19. raggiodisole's rating of the film Luna

    Smart, spry film. Great story ably handled by Rockwell. Superb music, too.

  20. alhimself-'s rating of the film Luna

    I thought this was a really smart film. It swept me up and I lost track of time. Isolation, aging, identity, greed, humanity. Lots to think about in the wake of this, and for a debut it's a cracker. Don't be put off if you don't like scifi, this is using scifi tropes but it's using them as a vehicle to tell a neat human story.

  21. Superfrog's rating of the film Luna

    Very decent first half, immersive and clever. Regrettably, the film decides to pre-chew the second half of the film's script before delivering and kills the script halfway through.

  22. Luke Corradine's rating of the film Luna

    Uhmm... I'm dubious about this one: extremely original in places, no doubt...and equally predictable and too close to 2001 and Solaris (or even Space 1999) in others. Molinare did a good job on post although some finesse is lacking for a sci-fi. The budget at 5M USD was spot on for 2007 and must have paid their investors back handsomely! I look forward to watch Jones' follow up to this: Source Code

  23. nickolia's rating of the film Luna

    watched it three times in the last 10 days. gets better each time.

  24. andrew's rating of the film Luna

    Interesting take on the space genre.