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Valoraciones & Críticas

  1. Leigh Collins's rating of the film Luna

  2. Al Green's rating of the film Luna

    Hats off to Sam Rockwell for what is basically a one person film. That is aside from Kevin Spacey's monotone robot drawl. I actually forgot that it's an actor speaking ! The plot is a bit sketchy and could have done with tightening up a bit though !

  3. Penelope q's rating of the film Luna

    A great film with a bit of Solaris moments.

  4. DrFirestone's rating of the film Luna

    It's an amazing film, even more amazing it's basically a film of one actor, and Sam Rockwell is absolutely fantastic here. This film definitely has plot holes and is inconsistent at times. Overall however I really enjoyed the tense, eery atmosphere of loneliness in space and the quite shocking plot twist. Great visuals, acting and music. Absolutely top of the Sci-Fi league.

  5. Zeb Solo's rating of the film Luna

    This is a good Sci Fi film, rather fun and thought provoking at the same time. It reminds me a bit of Silent Running or maybe Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris. It is not in the same league as Tarkovsky's Solaris but there is a similarity about the events. If you like intelligent Sci Fi then you will enjoy this.

  6. artur's rating of the film Luna

    нормчик, хороший

  7. SiIencio's rating of the film Luna

    Hugely influenced by Solaris and 2001, Moon is a decent effort, aiming at bigger ventures, but not polished enough just yet, the detail is not there. Rockwell carries the film on his shoulders effortlessly. The film's emotional impact is effective but not sufficiently developed. There is a lingering reflection on what is to be human but again this is not fully explored.

  8. Stuart Metcalfe's rating of the film Luna

  9. Luca Prosperi's rating of the film Luna

    The meaninglessness of being, from the perspective of pronto-humans. Watch yourself!

  10. The Heff's rating of the film Luna sci-fi films go this is an interesting one...i loved it!!! Simple, effective, claustrophobic, lonely and sad...great product of the genre...recommended :-)

  11. jeremy's rating of the film Luna

    A reasonable premise but a little too obvious. So much so, that you could see where the story was going for most of its duration. Having said that, this movie does manages to nail a particular emotion - the existential meaninglessness of life in late capitalism. (Or is that just me?)

  12. swamiJ's rating of the film Luna

    Muso review: Score by Clint Mansell (Life of Pi, requiem for a dream, etc). Mostly atmospheric electronica, quite rich in places ('I am Sam Bell’). Not really very melodic or distinctive other than to colour the already eerie space station room tones. Not particularly compelled by the music at first hearing although now that I hear it again, it sounds better! I found the film quite engaging if a little slow in pace.

  13. Alex Hall's rating of the film Luna

    6/10 If this is one of the best sci-fi films out there then there's no future in sci-fi (heh). It's OK. Can't really see why anyone would believe they were up there alone, without a team of medics, engineers etc. if not on his base then on another lunar base elsewhere. Couldn't really get to like the characters in any way. Wasn't sure in parts whether I should have been laughing or feeling remorse.

  14. JOHN ATHERTON's rating of the film Luna

    Love serious ScFi but guess the film just proves it's almost impossible for a film to have a convincing level of detail that a book might have. Just cannot believe the reaction of the 2 clones to each other. Intriging view of how to save the cost of educating the workforce however!

  15. Adam Rapley's rating of the film Luna

    Absolutely beautiful film! One of my favourites!

  16. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Luna

    2009, dir. DUNCAN JONES - 6,5/10 (England)

  17. Sophia Park's rating of the film Luna

    a movie apparently everyone has seen, but refer to it as if overlooked. it is a lot like Starbucks. Jones films like he's making British television - the credits are so flashy and gimmicky so as to make immersion difficult; the stylistic choices beyond are pretty pointless. it hooks you in well enough, but i only actually related to the robot. Rockwell is hard to like.

  18. Obsessive Cinema Disorder (OCD)'s rating of the film Luna

    The density of "Moon" is looking at the dark side of the Moon where humans have expiration dates and corporations deal with no sense whatsoever of humanity. The hard grief is the idea behind this man's emotions simulation, that encourages man to do it: a free business where one man unknown of his destiny struggles with loneliness over and over again until curiosity reveals him the truth.

  19. Johnny Mislow's rating of the film Luna

    I think it deserved a better ending but all in all, a great movie from Duncan Jones and an even better performance from Rockwell.

  20. tenonder's rating of the film Luna

  21. lukfwn's rating of the film Luna

    Bring down government!! btw it is very personal rate... sam rockwell is my fav actor hahaha

  22. angelicidea's rating of the film Luna

    This is not the Solaris you are looking for

  23. Bram Vroonland's rating of the film Luna

    Another one of my favorites. This movie is very thought provoking. Even once I got my finger on what was going on I was still trying to figure out everyone's motives, especially the robot's. Class movie. Unfortunately it gets compared to this legendary sci-fi movie which I don't think is fair.

  24. thomasjeff16's rating of the film Luna

    Sammy Rockwell is brilliant as always.