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Morvern Callar

Dirigida por Lynne Ramsay
Reino Unido, Canadá, 2002


En un pequeño pueblo escocés trabaja Movern Callar como cajera en un supermercado. Una tarde vuelve a su casa y encuentra el cadáver de su novio. Todo indica que ha sido un suicidio.

Por qué verla

Ramsey’s stunning follow-up to Ratcatcher is an enigmatic character study and unruly trip of self-discovery. Buoyed by Alwin Kuchler’s beautiful cinematography, a luminous Samantha Morton plays its defiant anti-heroine, who pulls herself out of a hopeless spot by taking matters into her own hands.

Morvern Callar Dirigida por Lynne Ramsay


Cannes Film Festival

2002 | 2 victorias incluyendo: Award of the Youth (Foreign Film)

San Sebastián International Film Festival

2002 | Ganador: FIPRESCI Director of the Year

Reseñas críticas

In a brilliant, subtle performance, Morton conveys the deep loss that suicide leaves behind, while also tapping into a total sense of reckless abandon. Ramsay amplifies the performance with an understanding of image and aural effect; the movie at times feels like the unleashing of a torrent of despair that can only be drowned out by the blaring of pop music in cheap headphones. Anything to keep the reaper away.
April 02, 2018
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Played magnificently by Samantha Morton, the title character of Lynne Ramsay’s second feature is an existential protagonist in the tradition of Albert Camus’ Meursault. She has no morality and no ambitions; she is capable of both friendship and betrayal, entering into either seemingly without motivation. Ramsay doesn’t attempt to probe the character’s inner life; rather she delivers a rich sensory experience that channels the excitement of Morvern’s moment-to-moment existence.
May 19, 2017
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