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Dirigida por Darren Aronofsky
Estados Unidos, 2014
Drama, Fantasía


The Biblical Noah suffers visions of an apocalyptic deluge and takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood.

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Noah Dirigida por Darren Aronofsky


Golden Globes (USA)

2015 | Nominado: Best Original Song - Motion Picture

…These complaints seem trivial when one considers the unprecedented achievement of pulling off a midrashic blockbuster. Noah, with its purposeful ambiguities and allusions to dense scholarly texts, hints at untapped possibilities for mainstream cinema, demonstrating how rich and strange movies can be when they interact with older narrative traditions.
April 23, 2014
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What will happen when Ila miraculously becomes pregnant due to Methuselah’s magic? Will Noah turn into Abraham, slaughtering the child… the moment it’s born? … It wouldn’t do to reveal how the film resolves these thorny questions – but the fact that such questions even exist in a big Hollywood tentpole is a triumph in itself… Noah is visually spectacular, with the requisite special-effects moments… but it’s most impressive as a film of ideas.
April 09, 2014
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Aronofsky’s images, including his mercurial special effects, as well as the glowering, red-hot performance by Russell Crowe, do justice to this distinctive vision of struggle with iron-willed faith. But the movie’s visionary eccentricity is undercut, tamed, normalized by one unfortunate element: the bewilderingly bombastic music, which seems to be the director’s concession to the norms of a studio action film.
April 09, 2014
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¿Qué dicen los demás?

  • chanandre's rating of the film Noah

    One cheery cheered star for emma watson's ability to manage to precisely cry three tears from her eyes; first time I ever see an actor doing that> amazing acting skills right there!

  • Zachary T.'s rating of the film Noah

    FASCINATING! Flawed too, but I couldn't look away. Faith clashes with worldly morality in a subversive Kierkegaardian prelude to the brilliant "mother!" Aronofsky's vision of mankind beyond salvation is as nightmarish and complex as you'd expect (even for PG-13). I can't think of anyone else who'd have the balls to synthesize evolution with a religious creation story, or depict Noah as batty and brutal.

  • Huey McEvoy's rating of the film Noah

    Aranofsky's skill is in small dramas, not visual epics. The first half of Noah is laughably amateurish, even incompetent: poor story, effects, acting and music, and the worst opening sequence in some time (that font?!). Things improve hugely in act 2 after The Flood, when humanity and conflict take centre stage - solidly in the director's comfort zone. The last act ('regretful Kenny Rogers') is woefully undercooked.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Noah

    The year's oddest misfire, a film where some elements are so awe-inspiringly bad that they overshadow that Aronofsky (who I was never fully on board with) actually has something interesting to say about sin, purity, Biblical epics, and the God of Wrath. But for whatever reason, he fleshes it out with Avatar/LotR blockbuster cliches and terrible CGI. One of the worst of 2014, yet one of the most fascinating.

  • ig_____or's rating of the film Noah

    An unfortunate follow-up to the brilliant "Black Swan"... why did Aronofky decide to spent his first big budget on an a biblical epic? The film is not terrible: nice visuals and Jennifer Connelly sort of make up for a boring Noah, his runway-ready older son and some silly scenes. But after the smart and edgy Swan, this looked like a lackluster fairytale wrapped in an eco-friendly reflection about the human nature.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Noah

    Easily the worst film from Aronofsky. One would expect majesty and awe from this kind of adaptation but instead we are met with poor melodramatics, rock creatures and teen fiction style youth. The final third is a breath of fresh air lost in a coda that plods on and plotting issues that don't bear scrutiny. A misfire despite it's box office that really should have been something special not something mediocre.

  • CGI Baby's rating of the film Noah

    Standard as these blockbusters go, but surprisingly pleasurable when it gets ridiculous (best examples are the minute ones: Anthony Hopkins' berry-loving grandpa, Noah's eldest son looking for the middle sibling only to get ambushed by a suddenly horny Emma Watson [made possible by said grandpa] and the look on both of their faces as they return to the ark and get asked where is the person they were looking for).

  • J. O.'s rating of the film Noah

    A fantastic and imaginative adaption of a powerful story. Crowe is stunning - slowly burning away, overcome with a harsh and divine responsibility but also plagued with mercy. The cinematography and visual effects were great - the "stop motion" movement of the angels being a real treat. Ultimately, a wonderfully crafted film that doesn't lose the spirituality or message of the source material.

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