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Not Fade Away

Dirigida por David Chase
Estados Unidos, 2012


For his feature filmmaking debut, The Sopranos creator David Chase has crafted a wise, tender and richly atmospheric portrait of a group of friends trying to do what so many awkward suburban kids of the time dreamed of doing: form their own rock band.

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Not Fade Away Dirigida por David Chase
Chase impressively sustains a tricky tone of loving criticism: Not Fade Away is romantic and quite beautiful (the filmmaker has a superb ear for music, which will be of no surprise to Sopranos fans), but it’s also gently despairing.
April 27, 2013
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It would be selling Not Fade Away short to call it a sort-of Sopranos prequel, just as it would be selling youth short to call it an incubator for adulthood. Like youth itself, Not Fade Away can be insensitive; it can be crude in its formulations; at times its priorities can seem misplaced. It’s also a reminder that despite all that, or maybe because of it, teenagedom can be worth remembering, and even re-living.
December 20, 2012
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If Not Fade Away seems intentionally minor and formulaic, something like a David Chase B side, it is energized by a shrewd wistfulness that honors both the nastiness and absurdity of the era. It’s especially smart about the way that generational clashes, and the tragedy they sometimes inspired, were born from a joint fear and confusion over shifting tides no one quite understood how to handle.
December 19, 2012
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