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Notes on an Appearance

Dirigida por Ricky D’Ambrose
Estados Unidos, 2018
Drama, Misterio, Thriller


El joven David ha desaparecido en Nueva York. Todd y Madeleine, que le están buscando, se topan con los seguidores de un escurridizo teórico político. Y a medida que se unen a esta compañía de extraños, las razones detrás de la desaparición de David pronto dejarán de ser tan importantes…

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Notes on an Appearance Dirigida por Ricky D’Ambrose
Notes on an Appearance, the bold debut feature from New York-based filmmaker Ricky D’Ambrose, is [a] work of precise abstraction, employing a Bressonian emphasis on hands and gestures and using a minimum of in-frame detail to create something beyond what we see, ingeniously crafting a narrative that never fully forms and that begs audience participation.
January 15, 2019
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D’Ambrose’s movie, so deceptively light, is in fact a packed dossier, loaded with information and pieces of physical evidence that, by virtue of being singled out in those recurring inserts, appear to take on a heightened relevance to the case at hand.
August 17, 2018
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What’s striking about Notes is its determined rigor—and perhaps a certain cerebral show-offiness, although that’s a characteristic that the film appears to send up in itself. At any rate, this film hits the viewer—assuming the viewer isn’t totally resistant to its unapologetically rarefied appeal—as a sharp, bracing draft of icy water.
August 16, 2018
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