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On Death Row II

Dirigida por Werner Herzog
Estados Unidos, 2013


Werner Herzog returns to death row to make four more portraits of people on the edge of existence.

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On Death Row II Dirigida por Werner Herzog

Reseñas críticas

Herzog’s incredible skill as an interviewer shines through. The films, accomplished in their access, storytelling scope, and their humaneness, are also fast, loose, and cheaply produced, and when he visits the symposium the next afternoon, Herzog wastes no time urging everyone that “this is a film that any of you could have made.”
September 06, 2013
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With each case Herzog delves into, the tragedy of the series magnifies as we encounter more unendurable, indelible pain, and a complex portrait of “evil” as something impossible to reconcile with humanity. While Herzog does not forgive the inmates the responsibility of their crimes, he distinguishes between these past actions and the people who sit before him as bound yet somehow opposing forces—evil not being something all-encompassing but transiently possessive.
August 20, 2013
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