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Once Upon a Honeymoon

Dirigida por Leo McCarey
Estados Unidos, 1942
Comedia, Drama


At the start of WWII, Katie O’Hara, an American burlesque girl intent on social climbing, marries Austrian Baron Von Luber. Pat O’Toole, an American radio reporter, sees this as a chance to investigate Von Luber, who is suspected of having Nazi ties.

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Once Upon a Honeymoon Dirigida por Leo McCarey

Reseñas críticas

Gags and horrors in continuous and breathtaking sway, the only way to make sense of war: The priapic measuring tape snapping around Rogers, unspeakable things just behind a closed door at the concentration camp, Grant’s off-key sax, the luxurious hotel lobby as a flimsy façade for the rubble of Europe. The coda is a foul ideology literally thrown overboard, a sublime punchline rivaled only by Freleng’s Daffy–The Commando.
January 25, 2016
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