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Recuerdos del ayer

Omohide poro poro

Dirigida por Isao Takahata
Japón, 1991
Animación, Drama, Romántico


Los legendarios artistas de animación Hayao Miyazaki e Isao Takahata se unieron para crear esta nostálgica película dirigida especialmente a mujeres adultas. Narra la historia de Taeko, de 27 años, que está harto de su trabajo en la oficina y preparado para un cambio.

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Recuerdos del ayer Dirigida por Isao Takahata
Only Yesterday is structured much like Coleridge’s poem, Frost at Midnight, in which childhood memories are mediated by a nostalgia for the quiet simplicity of country life in the hopes that one can reimagine one’s childhood more quietly, more simply.
December 28, 2018
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The ending is cute overload, with children from her memories helping her out of the Tokyo-bound train, leading her to her newfound love, and joyously marching through the streets. All of this feels like a tease, yet Taeko finally seems happy to be moving toward something more satisfying than being stuck in the same dysfunctional place.
July 03, 2018
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This is hushed, delicate, detail-oriented filmmaking of the highest quality. The story is told through glances and expressions, and is more interested in capturing inner feeling than it is plot points or conventional characterisation.
June 01, 2016
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