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Caído del cielo

Out of the Blue

Dirigida por Dennis Hopper
Canadá, 1980


A longtime convict returns home from prison only to add emotional burdens on his punk rocker teenage daughter.

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Caído del cielo Dirigida por Dennis Hopper
The film emanates a kind of lurid clarity, doom-ridden, death-stalked. Out of the Blue is as shocking to watch today as it probably was in 1983 during its (very) limited and long-delayed release. . . . Out of the Blue howls from the center of the whirlwind. Up through its violent and inevitable ending, the film takes punk rock at its word.
August 08, 2019
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Hopper’s characters are in the realm of the irreparable; if the fervent acting occasionally overheats, the reckless emotions nonetheless convey the authentic struggle of personal experience.
November 04, 2016
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It’s a sad existence, though Hopper acknowledges how this existence can be exhilarating. The acting in Out of the Blue is galvanic, conveying extreme emotional states with raw power, and Hopper often presents scenes in long takes that preserve the intensity of the performances. Watching the film, you get absorbed in the characters’ self-destructive behavior even though you know it will come to no good.
September 29, 2015
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