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Valoraciones & Críticas

  1. Juan Javier's rating of the film Boundaries

    Hay algo que me gusta mucho, pero no es fácil definirlo.

  2. Daniel Lubitsky's rating of the film Boundaries

    A story about 3 woman each dealing with their own problems in the same area of Canada. It features a distinct style of wide shots and landscape shots. There are also a few scenes with some unique and entertaining editing. I believe that most of its problems are found in the script, whether it be the lack of character, development, and expanded themes.

  3. Isabella Montes's rating of the film Boundaries

    I enjoyed this film because it told tell three stories within itself. The movie presented individual struggles that each characters was facing while working alongside each other to come up with a compromise. At first a few story lines felt incomplete, and a bit unnecessary to the plot. But as the story progressed the director made the main characters personal struggles more transparent and relevant to the story.

  4. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Boundaries

    A low-key look at negotiations in a political arena, albeit a rather small one, and negotiations and choices made in life, this drama from Chloe Robichaud succeeds at giving viewers plenty to mull over, despite seeming rather slight in places.

  5. pancake lizard's rating of the film Boundaries

    Why does every indie overcompensate for a sagging second half with a random sex scene and a 'I can't face my life right now, so fuck it, imma dance' club music montage?

  6. laura.fontanesi.1's rating of the film Boundaries

    An ironic eye on the gender issues in the business world. Really enjoyed the slow pace of the movie and beautiful shots of this remote Canadian island.

  7. TatiDelen's rating of the film Boundaries

    One of the most visually stunning, wonderfully acted and powerful films I have seen in a very long time. Boundaries is a beautifully crafted character study of three female politicians, who are very different but yet so alike - mainly through the choices they have to make. Although a fiction, the film has a documentary feel about it, and explores the very real challenges women face in their professional lives.

  8. saitosouta's rating of the film Boundaries

    M-am temut pentru dacă cel mai nou film de către cea mai dragă regizoară e un dezastru cumplit, dar îngrijorarea mea a dispărut încet-încet în timp ce am văzut acest film. Fascinant și deștept, "Pays" descrie viațele ale trei femei splendid, care e un progresul important din lucrările precedente ale ei. // 最も愛している映画作家の最も新しい作品がとんだ大駄作だったらと、心配に思っていた。だがそんな心配は観ているうちに消し飛んだ。魅力的でクレバーな"Pays"は3人の女性の人生を美しく描いており、前作から大きな飛躍を遂げている。

  9. Trulove1211's rating of the film Boundaries

    Wow! And I mean wow. This is the type of film that will make you make you feel like you're seeing something new that you haven't seen before. Not in an an artificial way but in a deep, quiet and earthly way. It's a slow burn and the effect is cumulative. It's the type of film that will have you asking questions after you've left the theater. There's the feeling that nothing will be the same for anyone involved.

  10. Superfrog's rating of the film Boundaries

    Over the fact that the audience is mostly gripped by the question, is something going to happen?, The film delivers decent technical qualities. Other than that, the gender politics angle is badly done and innefective for the story. I don't feel bad watching this film but I could as well not have.

  11. Loz Loory's rating of the film Boundaries

    3.5 Intriguing. I appreciate the attempt to link these three women through the negotiations, though the film keeps them at arms length from the viewer and from each other. Structurally, the first half felt longish, but then the second half felt short and incomplete. Still, it was a refreshing and unusual viewpoint.

  12. Michael Rozek's rating of the film Boundaries

    Mainstream narrative "issues" dramas should all be as cleverly and brilliantly structured--and as full of reverberating nuance--as this one, astonishing in its quiet, assured expression of the moral dilemmas inherent in modern life. Plus, it has three substantial female characters...and, performances...sadly, both rarities these days. Written and directed so a filmmaker I can't wait to see more from...

  13. Didonne's rating of the film Boundaries

    3,5. Un film très intéressant qui porte à la fois sur les rapports de force en politique et sur la condition des femmes. L'intrigue se déroule sur une île avec des icebergs, des chalutiers, mais pas que. La laideur est aussi filmée, comme pour montrer que tout n'est pas rose, ni en politique, ni pour les femmes.

  14. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Boundaries

    I want to believe that another world is possible and Robichaud says that there's life after neoliberalism. It easy to dismiss Boundaries as a naive exercise in earnestness but in these dark, gloomy times even a naive exercise in earnestness can provide some hope. Never underestimate the power of fairy tales: narratives can change the world.

  15. lepetitjermey's rating of the film Boundaries

  16. Louis Léonard's rating of the film Boundaries

    Ça prend pas juste de belles images pour faire un bon film... (2.5 / 5)

  17. Emile Tremblay's rating of the film Boundaries