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La asesina

The Assassin

Dirigida por John Badham
Estados Unidos, 1993
Acción, Policíaco, Drama


Maggie, is sentenced to death by lethal injection for killing a police officer, but she wakes up after the execution to find that she has been spared in order to train as a government assassin.

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La asesina Dirigida por John Badham

Reseñas críticas

Point of No Return is the type of movie that cinephiles are trained not to like. It is full of grandiloquent stylistic flourishes, ‘cool’ scenes of violence and death borrowed from John Woo, and a heavy overlay of pop classics on the soundtrack: in other words, the complete early ’90s ambience… Yet Point of No Return — precisely because of, not despite, its plastic, artificial, slick qualities — is a movie I find as poignantly expressive today as in 1993.
March 30, 2016
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