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  1. Giulia Hallensleben's rating of the film Ponette

  2. cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film Ponette

    A brilliant film, difficult to watch at points but worth the time and emotional investment. Kind of like life itself. I wasn't expecting so much ontological discussion, but it's France. Mais voilà mais voilà! In the end, we adults are no more certain than the children of what lies beyond the veil. I haven't seen the 2007 documentary "Jouer Ponette" (Playing Ponette) but I agree that MUBI should show it. Talitha koum!

  3. ricklauder's rating of the film Ponette

    This beautiful film broke my heart over and over. We all wonder how children work through their grief, and it was fascinating to see little Ponette doing just that. The child actors (all of them, but especially Victoire Thivizol) are simply amazing. That sweet ending made me smile. And this film made me miss my mother so much. She’s been gone for a little over 4 years. I needed to see this film. Thank you, MUBI.

  4. Armando's rating of the film Ponette

    The exploitation of children in cinema disgusts me. A 4-year-old girl shouldn't be subjected to such psychological violation. This film says nothing original. The morbid scene of a little girl scratching the ground in the cemetery where her mother is buried is not just morbid, it's revolting.

  5. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Ponette

    How to be a terrible adult to a child 101. Deny their feelings, make your love conditional on them denying their own feelings, make it all about your feelings, bluntly tell them truths they can’t handle, tell lies about things they see, tell fairy tales from your silly religion, & on and on. Neat to see a film of mostly children and nature, though poorly written + with bizarre adult projections onto child psychology.

  6. Luis Marmolejo's rating of the film Ponette

    Ponette is a exceptionally well made movie. The lead actress plays a significant role, with the ability to make the viewer sympathize with the troubles the director makes her go through. The use of darks in the movie, like shadows, portrays the troubles shes going through. 4/5 Would recommend soon to be mothers to avoid but would recommend to a friend.

  7. zubee's rating of the film Ponette

  8. Timbo of Boston's rating of the film Ponette

    It is hard to imagine how this performance was created going so deep into the grief and fantasy life of children. The film soars on the wings of childhood imagination. This is a quest to make sense of a world not yet comprehensible. That a 4-year-old actor can create that illusion, is a stunning achievement of direction and editing. Mubi should find the documentary "Playing Ponette" about how the film was directed.

  9. Mariano-ML's rating of the film Ponette

    Understated and at the same time very engaging. The combination of Victoire Thivisol's incredible performance, and the cinematography - always at the child's level - kept me emotionally connected to her struggle. It captured a child's world and at the same time taught some very adult lessons on loss and moving on. Remarkable.

  10. Ralph Melcher's rating of the film Ponette

    A truly amazing performance by a very young actress. Nevertheless I felt that the film is more involved with addressing the dysfunction between adults and children and the realm of belief than it was about childhood. Having previously watched ‘The Night I Swam’ which I found to be a wondrous and authentic look at the world through a child’s eyes I found this film a little bit too contrived.

  11. Brenda's rating of the film Ponette

    Ponette is a great film for many reasons. The mature performance from the lead actress is captivating and leads the audience to have great empathy for her after the loss of her mother. Beautifully shot, using shadows in many scenes which mimics the dark place Ponette is in. As she works to come to terms with living without her mother and the cruelty of other children, Ponette's growth is heart warming.

  12. Supamodu's rating of the film Ponette

    Grown ups were mean and not worthy of little Ponette. The crew also consisted of grown-ups and was not exactly worthy of Victoire Thivisol. I wish I knew some preschoolers to hug after watching this.

  13. Joseph McFarland's rating of the film Ponette

    This touching film beautifully portrays a child going through the stages of grief. The child actress' ability to display the kind of grief that only someone who has lost someone knows is absolutely astounding. A must-see film.

  14. askapsaskis's rating of the film Ponette

    The line between fantasy and so-called reality is arbitrary, malleable. I guess I feel a lot like Ponette a lot of the time. The simple sincerity of this film works to create what feels like a mini-masterpiece, a small and tremendously important film. I love this and am sure to return to it. I think everyone should watch it.

  15. Ash Giri's rating of the film Ponette

    SPOILER; The ending was disappointing. The girl had a chance to assert her independence from the messages of the adults but it was far too rosy for her to get exactly what she wanted. “I must learn to be happy” is not a particularly satisfying result.

  16. chris schmidt's rating of the film Ponette

  17. Maddison's rating of the film Ponette

    This film is so captivating. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  18. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Ponette

    Doillon forces the camera to be very close to the children. This (and of course the impressive young actors) makes the film a very intimate event. Besides all the indoctrinating and depressing stuff the grown-ups implant into their children there are also some nice humoristic sequences like that cute talk about singles.

  19. merzka's rating of the film Ponette

    Uncomfortable. Not the durable, rewarding type of uncomfortable. Plain miserable.

  20. Karbon's rating of the film Ponette

  21. El Biffo's rating of the film Ponette

    The way these little kids assimilate all the wacky theology inflicted on them is a microcosm. Strangely, many adults think it's a good idea to twist kids' minds up with these incomprehensible stories of heaven and hell. Ponette manages to find her own way of making some sense out of it. It's amazing to see such complex issues handled by such young actors (4-year olds!), maybe handled better than adults do.

  22. Lance L O T's rating of the film Ponette

    A wonderful performance by the actress and by the kids in general, but definitely a wonderful preparation by a director determined to address this issue even if at first it seems crude. The plot is not riveting but the work with the children and the place he got with them is a landmark. A must see film and research the production if you are working with children.

  23. Karen Callora's rating of the film Ponette

    Death and religion are difficult enough concepts for adults but to thrust them upon a 4 year old child and watch her battle to understand why her mother is dead is captured beautifully and thoughtfully. The ending threw me off a little bit though.

  24. Diogo Quintela's rating of the film Ponette

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