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Portrait of Hell


Dirigida por Shirô Toyoda
Japón, 1969


A rebellious Korean artist tests the limits of his sadistic patron, an omnipotent feudal Japanese lord. Yoshihide demands a commission to paint screens of the Hell which he sees the egotistical lord’s peasants suffer.

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Portrait of Hell Dirigida por Shirô Toyoda

Critics reviews

Nakadai is superhumanly intense, melting holes in the screen with his intense glower. Kinnosuke Nakamura as the lustful lord is a bit too fleshily on-the-nose, sneering and twitching the painted eyebrows in a way that feels a little too theatrical. But as the film proceeds and his character becomes ever more hateful, and yet doomed and neurotic also, the performance comes to seem exactly right.
January 18, 2018
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About 30% stunning, 70% slightly disjointed; showing the portrait at the end was probably a mistake, then again not showing it would’ve seemed like a cop-out so what can you do.
May 01, 2013
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