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El príncipe de las tinieblas

Prince of Darkness

Dirigida por John Carpenter
Estados Unidos, 1987
Terror, Fantasía, Ciencia-ficción


Durante muchos años un siniestro secreto se ha ocultado en el sótano de una iglesia abandonada en Estados Unidos. Un sacerdote abre la puerta del sótano y descubre una cuba que contiene un líquido verde. Es entonces cuando contacta con un grupo de estudiantes de posgrado de Física para investigarlo.

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El príncipe de las tinieblas Dirigida por John Carpenter
Despite the film’s intensely confined physical scope, the plot is ludicrously maximalist and patently nonsensical without attaching itself to the kind of strong central protagonist that Carpenter traditionally excels at… And yet that drawback should still be considered relatively minor: by any standard measure, Prince of Darkness is a hell of a film, and pitch-perfect Halloween-eve viewing. It remains, in both modern horror and Carpenter’s filmography, essential viewing.
October 30, 2017
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The movie’s melancholic romantic connection in the film’s early scenes seem to be emblematic of humanity’s failure to face the reality of our mortality. If love symbolizes our ability to connect with each other and our environment, it also reflects our need to accept its limits. The true horror of Prince of Darkness, as it is in many of Carpenter’s films, is the inevitably of humanity’s end. Just as the universe existed for eons before our existence, it will survive for eons after we’re gone.
October 13, 2016
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Above all, it’s Carpenter’s direction that dazzles and propels, clarifying through blocking and movement what the script leaves bewildering. Carpenter’s formal mastery has long elevated the material he chooses, but Prince of Darkness is the purest distillation of that formalism…
September 22, 2013
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