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Putin's Witnesses

Свидетели Путина

Dirigida por Vitaly Mansky
Letonia, Suiza, 2018


On December 31, 1999 Vladimir Putin ascended to the president’s chair in Russia. In his latest picture renowned documentarist Vitaliy Mansky draws on witness accounts of the events that happened in the years following that day.

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Putin's Witnesses Dirigida por Vitaly Mansky

Reseñas críticas

In a time when many of us are undertaking the collective task of reckoning and reevaluating our cultural and historical past, Putin’s Witnesses is a beautiful example of how the individual affects the whole.
January 12, 2019
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Mansky’s doc is so low-key that it is easy to underestimate its value as a piece of Russian history and as a portrait of Putin before he became the powerful, controversial figure he is today.
January 09, 2019
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Mansky keeps dwelling on the behavioural aspects of Putin himself, as if cracking his psychology would somehow reveal the nature of his dictatorial power, which, alas, by the end of the film remains as vague and inscrutable as it was at the beginning.
September 02, 2018
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