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Reina y patria

Queen and Country

Dirigida por John Boorman
Reino Unido, Irlanda, 2014


1952. Bill Rohan tiene 18 años. Nuestro protagonista, un chico feliz y soñador, se pasea cerca del río donde su familia tiene una casa. Pero pese a que sueña despierto, la guerra de Corea llega abruptamente y con ella, el reclutamiento y la dura realidad del campamento militar donde él se entrena…

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Reina y patria Dirigida por John Boorman
Boorman, now 82, has rarely directed more fearlessly. He displays masterly command and élan as he mixes languid and staccato rhythms with lush or lowering atmospheres. In a typical offhand feat, he turns marching drills into musical-comedy choreography. He never loses sight of his overarching subject—the human comedy.
February 19, 2015
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Given its loose-knit narrative, the film doesn’t have anything like a conventional structure. Yet it’s steadily engrossing due to Boorman’s surpassing skills as both a storyteller and a director. Indeed, “Queen and Country” could serve as a master class on how to build interesting characters in even the smallest roles, and how to stage scenes with a maximum of expressiveness, elegance and economy.
February 18, 2015
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Fantasy has always played a crucial role in Boorman’s cinema, though it’s especially affecting here (as it was in Hope and Glory) because it carries the weight of lived experience. This is the now 82-year-old filmmaker casting a hard glance back at himself through a deceptively whimsical lens. There’s never a moment when Queen and Country isn’t a joy to watch.
February 11, 2015
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