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Dirigida por Ron Howard
Estados Unidos, Alemania, 2013
Biografía, Deportivo


A biography of Formula 1 champion driver Niki Lauda and the 1976 crash that almost claimed his life. Mere weeks after the accident, he got behind the wheel to challenge his rival, James Hunt.

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Rush Dirigida por Ron Howard
Hemsworth makes it clear he’s being wasted as Thor the superhero – though he’s still a very physical presence, at his best in the scene where Hunt beats up a journalist for being mean to Niki – but it’s Bruhl as Lauda who makes the more obvious impact, with his talk of percentages and recurring Austrian-accented “Ash-hole!” at those who annoy him.
October 07, 2013
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Howard and his crew give the races an impressionistic zing. Getting into a car after this movie is like having sex after seeing John Holmes work. You’ll feel like an amateur.
September 27, 2013
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Bathed in warm cinematography—almost identical to that used in Howard’s underrated genre bender The Dilemma (2011)—and making unexpected use of avant-garde framing techniques, it’s easily his most visually ambitious work to date, though the computer-generated race scenes pale in comparison to Justin Lin’s pulsating Fast & Furious films.
September 27, 2013
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