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Sarah Prefers to Run

Sarah préfère la course

Dirigida por Chloé Robichaud
Canadá, 2013
Drama, Romántico, Deportivo


Sarah is a young athlete running middle-distance. Her life changes when she is offered a place in the best university athletics club in Montreal. Without financial support of her mother, she decides to marry her friend Antoine and to leave for the big city.

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Sarah Prefers to Run Dirigida por Chloé Robichaud

Reseñas críticas

Oh yes indeed, Sarah prefers to run. She prefers it to having articulate conversations, displaying recognizably human emotions, or demonstrating a capability to see her actions as connected to the larger world in any way… The film, frustratingly and a bit offensively, falls very much in line with the “Asperger’s chic” that is plaguing art houses and festivals worldwide.
September 08, 2013
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