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Short Cuts: Vidas cruzadas

Short Cuts

Dirigida por Robert Altman
Estados Unidos, 1993
Comedia, Drama


Basada en ocho historias y un poema de Raymond Carver. Una descripción de hombres y mujeres que intentan amoldarse al mundo laboral; entrelazando los relatos para formar un “collage” con argumentos y niveles múltiples de humor, romance y terror.

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Short Cuts: Vidas cruzadas Dirigida por Robert Altman


Venice Film Festival

1993 | Ganador: Golden Lion

Academy Awards

1994 | Nominado: Best Director

If it seems somewhat facile now – the conceit of constructing a feature film out of a diversity of distinct narratives – it is only because Robert Altman so successfully popularised it: first with Nashville (1975) then A Wedding (1978), and much later in Short Cuts (1993). It is only by remembering Altman’s place at the vanguard of this style that as contemporary viewers we can begin to appreciate the breathtaking ambition of a film like Short Cuts.
March 19, 2016
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Disasters, natural and otherwise, touch everyone in the film and serve as unifying devices, providing thematic resonance to the characters’ scattershot, middling lives. At three hours, SHORT CUTS is epic in scale and subject matter, showcasing Altman’s brute force brilliance: it isn’t always pretty, but damn if it doesn’t work.
May 23, 2014
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An L.A. jazz rhapsody that represents Robert Altman at an all-time personal peak… For anyone who believed that what American movies needed most, after the often-moribund cinematic eighties, was more of the old Altman independent spirit and maverick brilliance—and more of a sense of what the country really is, rather than what it should be—the director’s sudden cinematic re-emergence with 1992’s The Player and 1993’s Short Cuts was an occasion for bravos.
November 15, 2004
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