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Dirigida por Ben Wheatley
Reino Unido, 2012
Comedia, Aventuras, Policíaco


Tina and Chris are a couple on holiday whose caravan escapade to the North of England soon takes a wrong turn. Tina needs some fresh air away from her mother and Chris does not lack when it comes to expressing repressed rage, which he has decided to channel towards self-righteous British society.

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Turistas Dirigida por Ben Wheatley
As the first of Wheatley’s films to come from another source, “Sightseers” complicates the question of authorship, but the director’s stylistic stamp is evident from the opening scenes, which are very close in look and feel to Down Terrace.
May 10, 2017
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Doing his countrymates proud, Brighton-based Ben Wheatley pushes all sorts of inappropriate buttons in Sightseers, a sick gag of a film that’s bound to scar only the irony-challenged. (If that happens to be you, stick with Wheatley’s prior outing, 2011’s Kill List, a top-notch horror film that’s sober as a morgue.)
May 07, 2013
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Nobody fucks with you like Wheatley, who has a showman’s instinct for audience manipulation in the best sense. Comedy staged to feel as if it’s in the moment conceals its inner workings and painstaking plans: Sightseers straddles the precipice of chaos, with Wheatley firmly in control of the reins.
September 01, 2012
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