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Dirigida por Takeshi Kitano
Japón, 1993
Acción, Comedia, Policíaco


Una pandilla de yakuzas debe pasar un tiempo fuera de la ciudad, acusados de haber matado a un alto jerarca. Mientras tratan de matar el tiempo con juegos infantiles, su jefe planea una violenta venganza.

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Sonatine Dirigida por Takeshi Kitano
It eventually sinks into the kind of dead-end realization that most of these films reach, that grim anti-epiphany that escape is not possible and that death is the only release from a life of crime. But even so the film never plays this understanding for miserable reflection but callous dark comedy.
May 30, 2016
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Kitano’s style—which makes extensive use of off-screen action and sound—gives off a vibe that’s one part sincere melancholy, one part absurdist nihilism.
October 25, 2013
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Each movie becomes one long Kuleshov experiment. Or a Bresson action-comedy. For me, the thrill of watching a Kitano film like Sonatine, perhaps the best example, derives from the tension between my near complete sympathy for one or two of the principal characters—partly, or even largely, because I am able to invest the blank characters with my own feelings—and my sense that those laconic, mysterious characters, like me, will forever remain indecipherable, wholly other.
July 25, 2003
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