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Starless Dreams

Royahaye Dame Sobh

Dirigida por Mehrdad Oskouei
Irán, 2016


All of them ended up here after becoming involved in crime. Drug dealing, assault, murder. We learn of their fears of having to return to the lives they once left behind. The documental camera is intimate but respectful, the resulting portraits are full of dignity.

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Starless Dreams Dirigida por Mehrdad Oskouei
It’s as bruising and wrenching to watch as you might expect of a doc portrait of a juvenile detention center for Iranian girls. It’s also scrupulously crafted in a way that rejects bathos, tough-minded and fairly revelatory, well worth the emotional effort demanded.
January 09, 2018
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Oskouei’s eye for the telling detail recalls Albert Maysles, and he shares Maysles’ invisible camera style. It’s fascinating enough when the girls are aware of the camera—their faces are so expressive—but when their awareness drops away, the level of intimacy is extraordinary. Oskouei is their soft-spoken, offscreen confessor, listening to their heartbreaking stories.
February 17, 2017
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A prison documentary is didactic by definition, but Oskouei avoids sententiousness by intercutting scenes of confession with scenes of singing; he shoots the girls playing in the snow in the courtyard, drawing in their notebooks, interviewing one another, and joking about the government (fairly cautious jokes).
January 31, 2017
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