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Valoraciones & Críticas

  1. Alex Ander 0's rating of the film Starless Dreams

    afterwards I heard several people say things like "thank god that's not us" & I pondered the disconnect between the girls' stories & the film's reception among a bunch of affluent old people in a rich suburb of New Zealand. What do the participants get out of having fragments of their messy lives shown to these ppl in NZ? & why does this film pose no solutions to, or criticism of the justice system the girls inhabit

  2. Drew.'s rating of the film Starless Dreams

    All of the girls he focuses on are such natural storytellers. It's a sign of Oskouei's talent and their bravery how he got them to open up in this way. This film does an excellent job at showing how the detention center is both a utopic escape from their daily horrors and also insufficient when compared with the lives these young women deserve.

  3. Aukse's rating of the film Starless Dreams

  4. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Starless Dreams

    Subject not uncommon in documentary movies but it was interesting to see it from Iranian perspective

  5. Renton47's rating of the film Starless Dreams

    Truly captures the ferocity of spirit in institutional malaise - if no further counselling is provided these young women then be thankful someone cared so little as to leave them with each other. This feels uprooted from a strong sense of time and space, and the machinations of Oskouei's filming are foggy, but this is all about the faces and stories. That sin & innocence occupy equal space with dignity is powerful.