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Starship troopers: Las brigadas del espacio

Starship Troopers

Dirigida por Paul Verhoeven
Estados Unidos, 1997
Ciencia-ficción, Comedia, Acción


En un futuro distante, Johnny Rico participa en la cruenta guerra contra los insectos alienígenas del planeta Klendathu, tras la muerte de sus padres a causa de un meteoro lanzado por los insectos contra su ciudad natal

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Starship troopers: Las brigadas del espacio Dirigida por Paul Verhoeven


Academy Awards

1998 | Nominado: Best Effects, Visual Effects

Hugo Awards

1998 | Nominado: Best Dramatic Presentation

One of the most merciless satires of its time, Paul Verhoeven’s gung-ho, bug-squashing Reich-fest confused critics and audiences when it hit theaters in 1997; from the gruesome effects and rousing battle scenes to the insidiously quotable script (“Would you like to know more?”) and darkly stirring score, it’s just too damn well-made for its own good.
August 10, 2017
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I must admit to admiring Verhoeven’s serious films somewhat more than the blockbusters. Spetters (1980) is a gritty motorcycle racing movie that introduced Rutger Hauer to the screen. The 4th Man (1983) is his masterpiece, about a writer drawn into a vortex of seduction and murder. Almost as good is Basic Instinct (1992), another Hitchcockian homage. But I have watched Starship Troopers more often than any of these, both for its pop philosophy and for its inspired mayhem.
June 22, 2017
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At first, few knew what to make of it. A soapy, brainless space opera with Hollywood’s toothiest young stars, or a startlingly prophetic indictment of military policy? Hey, why not both? Informed by Verhoeven’s memories of Nazi-occupied Holland, plus screenwriter Ed Neumier’s satirization of the 1959 source novel’s pro-fascist stance, Starship Troopers is the garish outlier among the self-serious war tales of the 1990s.
July 01, 2015
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