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Hablando con la muerte

Talk Radio

Dirigida por Oliver Stone
Estados Unidos, Canadá, 1988


An acerbic radio talk show host based in Dallas starts what could be an important few days when he discovers that his controversial late night show is about to be “picked up” by a nationwide network of radio stations.

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Hablando con la muerte Dirigida por Oliver Stone


Berlin International Film Festival

1989 | 2 victorias incluyendo: Outstanding Single Achievement

Independent Spirit Awards

1989 | 3 nominaciones incluyendo: Best Director

Chicago Film Critics Association Awards

1989 | Ganador: Most Promising Actor

Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

1990 | Ganador: Best Male Dubbing

Reseñas críticas

Within its narrow confines Stone creates one of his most searing dissections of the American character, using Bogosian’s Barry Champlain and his audience as both mouthpieces for and reflections of a kind of impotent rage that seems even more prevalent now than it did when the picture was released (and it was plenty prevalent then).
December 03, 2015
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This is the mysterious, provocative strength of Bogosian’s original material, and it forms the core of his driving, staccato performance. The best that can be said for Talk Radio’s embroidery of Champlain’s personality is that it doesn’t dilute, or invalidate the movie’s power—it merely adds a surplus of detachable meaning for the sake of some spectators who couldn’t cope with Champlaign without some gesture towards explaining what makes him tick.
December 23, 1988
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