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Dirigida por Francis Ford Coppola
Estados Unidos, Argentina, 2009


El director de El Padrino, Francis Ford Coppola retoma la silla de director para este drama familiar semi-autobiográfico.

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Tetro Dirigida por Francis Ford Coppola
Though considerably less ambitious (and considerably less awkward) than his last film, the also self-financed Youth Without Youth, Tetro again asserts Coppola’s willingness to go far out on a limb stylistically.
June 11, 2009
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A visually lush cinematic fugue about love, ambivalence and two brothers fleeing the dark shadow of their domineering father, a world-famous conductor.
June 10, 2009
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Destined to be met with condescension, it’s a quintessential Late Movie: intensely, intractably personal; sure of vision but unfashionably vulnerable; at once retrospective in content and forward-thinking in form; generous in spirit yet introverted in its obsessions; theatrical; gently hallucinated; out of time.
May 01, 2009
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