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The Attack


Dirigida por Ziad Doueiri
Líbano, Francia, 2012


An Israeli-Palestinian surgeon, shocked to discover that his wife was involved in a suicide-bomb attack, ventures into Palestinian territory to confront the people who recruited her, in this gripping adaptation of Yasmina Khadra’s international bestseller.

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The Attack Dirigida por Ziad Doueiri
Sihem’s complicity is a fairly bold reveal on which to turn a story, and it could easily have veered into opportunistic melodrama. But the director’s focused restraint and Suliman’s wonderfully understated performance keep us grounded…
June 21, 2013
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Despite a remarkable performance by Suliman, who’s almost never off-camera, events become increasingly pat and implausible, with one explanatory scene played like a shadowy variation on Kevin Spacey’s monologue in “Se7en.” It’s a movie trying hard to suggest there are no easy answers, yet Doueiri can’t seem to help offering the audience just that.
June 21, 2013
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Sometimes the screenplay for “The Attack” (written by Doueiri and his partner, Joëlle Touma) hits the emotions a little too squarely on the nose, but this doleful and nuanced Middle Eastern tragedy is unlike any other recent film from the region in various ways.
June 20, 2013
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