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Los pájaros

The Birds

Dirigida por Alfred Hitchcock
Estados Unidos, 1963
Terror, Thriller


Melanie decide dar una sorpresa al hombre que acaba de conocer, llevándole una pareja de periquitos a la ciudad natal de su familia en Bodega Bay. Cuando Melanie llega, todos los pájaros de la zona comienzan a atacar sin razón aparente a los habitantes del lugar.

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Los pájaros Dirigida por Alfred Hitchcock
What keeps it so unnervingly unpredictable is that the explanation we crave for why birds have started to attack humanity is never forthcoming. What we get instead, as one possible parallel to Psycho, is murderous violence as an arbitrary dramatic premise. A blond heroine’s sudden flight from a city becomes a trip to the wilds — a movement towards the irrational, inexplicable fury of divine retribution.
June 22, 2018
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No doubt about it, the birdbrains are amassing on our telephone wires and jungle gyms, and we’re holding out as long as we can, putting up the good fight. That may sound overstated, but good horror movies convince us our paranoia is justified, and, for me, watching The Birds again put its essential conflicts—between the human and the primal, the forces of love and the agents of destruction—into newly frightening relief.
October 25, 2017
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The Birds represents better than any other Hitchcock film the extreme polarities of his universe: vicious unpredictability and moral and emotional disorder on the one hand, and rigorous stylistic control and formal organization, on the other. These contrasts are often at play in the director’s work, but here they take on an almost compulsive quality, allowing Hitchcock full control over the orchestration of chaos and leaving his characters with no consolation but each other’s companionship.
October 23, 2012
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