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El cuarto azul

La chambre bleue

Dirigida por Mathieu Amalric
Francia, 2014
Policíaco, Romántico, Thriller


Un hombre y una mujer, enamorados en secreto, solos en una habitación. Después del amor, intercambian algunas palabras anodinas, o al menos así lo cree el hombre. Pero ahora, sometido a la investigación de la policía y los tribunales, Julien no encuentra las palabras. ¿De qué se le acusa?

El cuarto azul Dirigida por Mathieu Amalric
Mr. Amalric, who directed this dark, delectable, shivery tale, adapting it from the Georges Simenon novel, sets its uneasy, dank mood with energetic economy. The opening credits have scarcely ended before he’s begun arranging his people and parts, mixing shots of the hotel with those of a woman’s damp neck circled with pearls and her shoulder beaded with sweat.
October 02, 2014
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The Blue Room is by far his most adventurous film—tantalizing, fractured, and, at 76 minutes, beautifully concise. While it pushes the boat out stylistically, it’s also very faithful to the formal nature of Simenon’s book, which shows a certain laudable modesty on Amalric’s part.
October 01, 2014
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For all of his gifts as a filmmaker—the greatest of which may be his shocking and rare anti-auteurism, having gone from the sprawling, Cassavetian ensemble piece On Tour to this spare and calculated affair—it would be foolish to not point out how greatly Amalric’s film depends on the greatness of his own performance. His dark, bulbous, concentrically limned eyes are among the most iconic of his generation, but rarely have they been tasked with expressing more than they have been here.
October 01, 2014
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