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Never Ever

À jamais

Dirigida por Benoît Jacquot
Francia, 2016


The story of performance artist Laura who is grieving after the suicide of her husband and becomes increasingly alienated until she discovers a mysterious man in her house.

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Never Ever Dirigida por Benoît Jacquot

Reseñas críticas

There is no ambiguity, no mystery—just something reminiscent of a French/Italian erotic ‘80s B movie. The director’s attempts to provoke and disturb are straight out of a textbook. The film is not complex; it is superficial. I do like the title, provided it describes my chances of seeing another Jacquot movie.
September 15, 2016
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breakout scripter-star Julia Roy has perhaps shed a few too many of the text’s complications — but adds her own enigmatic shading to proceedings via her terrific leading turn as a grief-stricken performance artist preserving her husband’s presence in more ways than one.
September 10, 2016
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An elusive, prolific film-maker whose auteur stamp isn’t always easy to detect, Jacquot nevertheless always has an intelligent, even contemplative approach to his material, and tends to focus on complex female protagonists – both of which are certainly true of Never Ever. A dependably nervy performance from Amalric, plus the De Lillo connection, will be its most immediate selling points, but Never Ever also represents a striking breakthrough by novice co-star, and the film’s writer, Julia Roy.
September 09, 2016
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