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El congreso

The Congress

Dirigida por Ari Folman
Israel, Alemania, 2013
Animación, Drama, Ciencia-ficción


Robin Wright plays an out-of-work actress who accepts a large payout from a major Hollywood studio to be scanned and digitized to create a virtual actress. Adapted from a novel by Stanislaw Lem (Solaris).

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El congreso Dirigida por Ari Folman


Cannes Film Festival

2013 | Directors' Fortnight

European Film Awards

2013 | Ganador: European Animated Feature Film



Once Robin licenses her avatar to Miramount Studios and enters the “restricted animation zone” that presumably represents the future of movies, The Congress erupts into the some of the trippiest animation since Yellow Submarine—and also some of the best. Melancholy as he may be, Folman is not about to give up Joseph’s Technicolor dream coat.
March 03, 2015
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Folman’s is a very strong vision, operating with its own rules and its own architecture (sometimes obvious, sometimes submerged, but still there), and its rules make demands on the audience. It is a challenging piece of work, sometimes alienating, other times emotional with a raw-ness that caught my breath in my throat.
January 11, 2015
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By the time the live action gives way to eye-tickling animation… you may not care that a Soviet-era political allegory doesn’t fit all that well with a savaging of the movie business. All that really matters is that when an animated Robin shows up later, driving a convertible, her hair swirled into a Tippi Hedren scoop, you are delighted to be riding shotgun.
September 04, 2014
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