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La embajada


Dirigida por Chris Marker
Francia, 1973
Drama, Corto


Después de un golpe de Estado en un país no identificado, The Embassy muestra a distintos disidentes políticos que buscan refugio en una embajada extranjera. Y, tras algunos días, cada vez son más las personas que buscan allí refugio: maestros, estudiantes, intelectuales, artistas, políticos…

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La embajada Dirigida por Chris Marker

Reseñas críticas

There is a coup d’etat in an unnamed country, and a group of dissenting artists and intellectuals pour into an embassy, seeking asylum. Chris Marker’s The Embassy (1973) is a provocative short film, shot on Super8, that manages to conjure an entire fascist state out of twenty minutes of footage of a few apartment rooms.
February 21, 2017
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¿Qué dicen los demás?

  • Edwin Culp's rating of the film La embajada

    Brilliant documentary construction of a fictional event, imagined from very plausible and realistic situations. A voiceover narrates the situation of several characters we don't really know much about from the pure images. Marker makes a creative and political use of typical 70s TV-documentary tools, to reflect on the spirit of a Cold War period as seen from the West.

  • El Biffo's rating of the film La embajada

    Relatively minor work by Chris Marker, only 21 minutes, is a fictional documentary, but it reminded me of a lot of real life stuff, and in a subtle way, evokes much feeling.

  • Inês Silva's rating of the film La embajada

    With the off voice, the connection between visual content and textual message instantly loses the meaning we are used to have with some recent movies.I compare it to abstract art,where the subtile is a guide through the work. In this short-film, we are confronted to one reality,known by the audience because it was previously given. With no clues of what reality is being shown in the movie,Marker gives us a non-place.

  • PolarisDiB's rating of the film La embajada

    Utterly depressing 'found footage' narrative of a circle of resistance fighters watching as a fascist coup takes over their country. A lot more subtle Marker spins on the narrative as to temporal and political concerns (basically, Soylent Green is people level reveal), but breathtakingly honest about its intentions. --PolarisDiB

  • chicajomles's rating of the film La embajada

    [In my country peasants say that Distress is a black bear you have to chase away by laughing and shouting before he comes putting its paw on you and you can't move.] Dealing with left politics failure in a spectral reality, a fictitious embassy emerges: a no-country. Blurring the faces and the city contours to create a political allegory based on Allende overthrown, Marker camera is a thought weapon.

  • Ludovic72's rating of the film La embajada

    Un bon exemple de ce que Chris Marker parvenait à créer avec la voix-off : sur des images muettes et sans intérêt spécial a priori, un commentaire au ton neutre (mais subtil et politisé) alimente le suspense et l'attention du spectateur, qui se met à scruter chaque détail. Bien sûr, Marker en montre le moins possible pour enclencher l'imagination… jusqu'à un final surprenant. De la politique-fiction bien originale !

  • dionysus67's rating of the film La embajada

    With a grainy filmstock matching the fleeting moments of reflection by those under dictatorial pogrom, Marker's 'Mekas-like' (as pointed out by another reviewer) topography of political resistance becomes a formal exercise filled with diverse historical content in spite its Paris setting. The gaze of freedom is coupled to insights about the bankruptcy of political ideals and of the problem of a new legitimacy.

  • Trinankur Banerjee's rating of the film La embajada

    Master Chris's usual exploits. Stands singularly on voice-over, the tone is drab like Mekas, but Marker infuses with the poetry of the mundane like always. Close-ups help the film generate the required affect in terms of image, and here you have a modernist cine-nouvelle, a Moravia, probably.

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