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El ídolo caído

The Fallen Idol

Dirigida por Carol Reed
Reino Unido, 1948
Thriller, Misterio


Con un elegante equilibrio entre el suspense y la farsa, esta obra de Carol Reed y Graham Greene trata la difícil relación entre un niño y su querido mayordomo quien es sospechoso de asesinato. Un thriller de primer orden deliciosamente macabro: todo un nocaut, que deslumbra visual y verbalmente.

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El ídolo caído Dirigida por Carol Reed


Venice Film Festival

1948 | 2 victorias incluyendo: Best Screenplay

Academy Awards

1950 | 2 nominaciones incluyendo: Best Director

National Board of Review

1949 | 3 victorias incluyendo: Best Actor

BAFTA Awards

1949 | Ganador: Best British Film

1949 | Nominado: Best Film from any Source

Written by the great Graham Greene, the film builds up pressure subtly over time, creating an entire narrative around the cascading consequences of dishonesty. Labyrinthine interiors of the embassy contain endless hiding places flanked by massive glass windows. It’s a layered and precipitous space for futile efforts of men and women trying desperately to cover their tracks.
September 13, 2016
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Inside a two-year period, Carol Reed made Odd Man Out and The Third Man. Reed wasn’t just on a roll, he was on fire. Somehow though, The Fallen Idol has always been the Cinderella title among this esteemed trio, perhaps lacking the pulse-quickening spectacle or thrilling baroque visuals of the other two. However, the current carefully restored release makes a strong case that this story… remains the most perfect jewel in Reed’s entire filmography.
November 27, 2015
The film itself exemplifies the extraordinary craftsmanship of British cinema in the late forties, both behind the camera and in front of it. Even as a child, I could grasp that there was something extraordinary about the intricate surfaces created by Georges Périnal’s cinematography and Vincent Korda’s set designs and the sometimes harsh spareness of Graham Greene’s dialogue and Carol Reed’s direction.
November 06, 2006
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