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El futuro perfecto

Dirigida por Nele Wohlatz
Argentina, 2016


Xiaobin, una joven inmigrante china en Buenos Aires, trata de encontrar su propio camino a través de las contradicciones que se van presentando en su nueva vida.

El futuro perfecto Dirigida por Nele Wohlatz
Xiaobin’s story might easily have lent itself to a sloppily feel-good, quasi-realistic treatment; heaven forbid a Hollywood remake in which a pupil in an English class triumphs as she acquires the verb forms and the cultural values that accompany them. But, while it has a satisfying emotional thrust, The Future Perfect is a highly thoughtful, even theoretical film, and is executed accordingly.
September 15, 2017
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When Xiaobin learns the conditional tense in Spanish, the movie takes off, depicting her speculations on what could happen. Here the movie is resourcefully clever without showing off about it; depicting Beatriz’s possible future self dressed a little more stylishly than in reality. There is gentle comedy here, and a real rooting interest deriving from Ms. Zhang’s committed, never-a-false-note performance. The film’s unusual perspective makes it a distinctive and potentially enriching experience.
September 13, 2017
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Might the experience of immigrants adapting to a foreign language be in essence something like that of actors studying texts to perform new identities? That’s the profound and perceptively probed thesis of Nele Wohlatz’s brisk metafictional charmer… Each neorealist story thread doubles as a case study for how our ever-shrinking world redefines culture and communication, but played as a downbeat comedy of misunderstandings in which Xiaobin mimics Buster Keaton’s expressionless disenchantment.
September 13, 2017
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