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The Great Buddha +

Da Fu Pu La Si | 大佛普拉斯

Dirigida por Huang Hsin-yao
Taiwán, 2017


A security guard at a bronze factory and his recycling collector colleague spend their late nights having snacks and watching television. However, one day the television breaks down, and their lives change forever.

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The Great Buddha + Dirigida por Huang Hsin-yao
Huang interrupts the action at times to interject wisecracks on the soundtrack, and this device heightens the sense of bonhomie engendered by the two leads. The good cheer goes a long way in countering the knee-jerk cynicism, which grows tiresome well before the end.
February 08, 2018
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Humor, a perennial scarcity in the self-serious world of art-house cinema, is in pleasingly abundant supply in The Great Buddha+. From its opening voiceover, in which Huang himself unpacks the film’s tangled co-production particulars and the social absurdities of the forthcoming narrative (to which he’ll occasionally return “to share ideas and explain the story”), the film immediately establishes a plaufully reflexive tone, part and parcel with its narrative’s digital-age machinations.
November 03, 2017
Sporting an ingeniously cinematic concept that’s nimbly executed by writer-director Huang Hsin-yao and producer-DP Chung Mong-hong, this ballad of sad losers mixed with satire on parochial politics is convulsively funny yet uncompromisingly bleak, bridging art with entertainment. {It’s a]rguably the best film to emerge from a year of exciting resurgence in Taiwan, which hasn’t produced an independent film that addresses themes both local and global in some time.
September 29, 2017
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