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El Rayo verde

Le rayon vert

Dirigida por Éric Rohmer
Francia, 1986
Drama, Romántico


Delphine es una joven secretaria parisina sin planes para sus vacaciones después de que su amiga las cancelara en el último minuto. Sola y triste, está decidida a viajar.

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El Rayo verde Dirigida por Éric Rohmer
Despite its outdated emphasis on women finding a “mate” in order to feel whole, The Green Ray still speaks to a universal need to be understood… To truly connect with someone — romantically or platonically — is a rare occurrence. To not have had that emotional connection for so long is what led Delphine to despair, yet The Green Ray shows how even the most hopeless person can find optimism again in simple, everyday things.
August 23, 2017
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Shot on super 16mm, the film looks as grainy as a beach picnic on a windy day. It has an unflinching naturalism and authenticity which makes this ambling, unfocused quest for an elusive good time into painfully compulsive viewing.
June 24, 2017
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Rohmer finds the beauty in her intense ascetic solitude, and grants her an ending of offhand sublimity… Rohmer wanted the intimacy of a home movie, and got a tremblingly open-nerved performance from Rivière as a result.
July 12, 2016
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