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La tormenta de hielo

The Ice Storm

Dirigida por Ang Lee
Estados Unidos, 1997


La liberación sexual tan de moda ha llegado a los suburbios y a ha salpicado a las acomodadas y tradicionales familias americanas. Esta corriente liberadora afecta a la familia Hood, que se está descontrolando.

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La tormenta de hielo Dirigida por Ang Lee
Lee’s New Canaanites are largely adrift in their easy privilege and luxury, only coming together for a climactic key party during the titular visit from Mother Nature. And though Lee takes pleasure in detailing their dullness, disconnect, and shallow indulgences, he works with the uniformly excellent cast to bring these selfish creatures to vivid, haunted life.
July 31, 2013
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James Schamus’s elegant screenplay, based on Rick Moody’s slyer, more loquacious novel, favors clipped, short dialogue uttered in discrete, jewel-like scenes.
June 24, 2013
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It’s possible to view the characters in The Ice Storm as a bunch of sinners and to look at what happens to them as well-deserved punishment. It’s also possible to see The Ice Storm as an indictment of suburban hypocrisy and the sexual revolution. But this is not a morality tale or a period piece. It’s about what it takes to live in a world where moral authority has collapsed.
November 22, 2010
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