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El mensajero del miedo

The Manchurian Candidate

Dirigida por John Frankenheimer
Estados Unidos, 1962


Atrevido thriller político sobre el lavado de cerebro de los prisioneros americanos en la guerra de Corea. El fin del rodaje coincidió con el asesinato de Kennedy, por lo que se estrenó años más tarde.

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El mensajero del miedo Dirigida por John Frankenheimer


Academy Awards

1963 | 2 nominaciones incluyendo: Best Actress in a Supporting Role




The film plays out one level as straightforward and gripping tale, and indeed could well be the first truly modern political thriller… But on another level, it’s a madcap fever dream that captures the tone of the most hysterical conspiracy theory, and on yet another, a bleak and epic revision of the Greek tragic mode for a malign epoch.
February 06, 2017
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The Chinese and the Russians then conditioned Shaw to kill on command, disregarding “those uniquely American symptoms, guilt and fear”—never mind that those are the bread and butter not of Melville but of Dostoyevsky… The nightmares in which his hypnosis begins to “wear off” are the film’s strangest and most interesting scenes.
July 13, 2016
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The disappearance of The Manchurian Candidate for nearly 25 years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy—reportedly but unofficially at the behest of a chastened and embarrassed Sinatra—only added to the film’s stature. Re-released to theatres and home video in the late ’80s, its outrageous vision of a country bedevilled by political polarization and paranoia was reactivated like a sleeper agent buried in deep cover.
March 21, 2016
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