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Una nueva amiga

Une nouvelle amie

Dirigida por François Ozon
Francia, 2014
Romántico, Comedia, Drama


When her best friend Lea dies, Claire falls into a deep depression. However, after making a surprising discovery about her late friend’s husband, she’s given a new lease on life.

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Una nueva amiga Dirigida por François Ozon
Based on a Ruth Rendell story, François Ozon’s delightful, intermittently morbid drama-lite offers his most textured meditation on gender identity since Water Drops on Burning Rocks(00) while also recalling his playful short A Summer Dress (96).
September 03, 2015
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In the original “The New Girlfriend,” Rendell generally came off as a liberal, but the violence of her story suggested an inability to fully accept transgenderism—an inability alien to Ozon’s sensibility. While Rendell and Ozon share a Hitchcockian perversity, the filmmaker has a love for camp all his own. Ozon likes to tease us with hints of same-sex desire… In life and cinema, trans women’s lives are often extremely difficult. Ozon is generous enough to imagine a path around their usual obstacle courses.
September 14, 2015
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The film’s primary thematic drive comes sharply into focus when Ozon is undistracted from the central tension. Though he’s occasionally too content to adopt the very dramatic contraptions that he’s capable of subverting so brilliantly elsewhere, The New Girlfriend is still an alluring, sharp-witted picture.
May 22, 2015
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