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El juego de Hollywood

The Player

Dirigida por Robert Altman
Estados Unidos, 1992
Comedia, Thriller


Griffin Mill, productor cinematográfico, empieza a recibir cartas amenazadoras que le envía un guionista cuyo proyecto rechazó.

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El juego de Hollywood Dirigida por Robert Altman


Cannes Film Festival

1992 | 2 victorias incluyendo: Best Actor

Academy Awards

1993 | 3 nominaciones incluyendo: Best Director

While The Player looks great, especially in this 4K restoration, few shots stand out for pure pictorial beauty. Instead, Altman does what he does best by having a roaming camera restlessly pan, track, and slowly zoom, navigating the locations and capturing and conveying the vibrancy of the setting. There is a continuity of foreground and background, where even extraneous exchanges generate spatial consistency as Altman increases points of aural relevance regardless of the apparent visual focus.
August 23, 2016
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Robbins’ charisma is complemented by the sensual confidence of Altman’s direction, which merges sinuous dolly shots with surreal horror expressionism, tightening a formalist vice that nevertheless accommodates the sort of loose behavioral sketches for which the director’s known. The film’s satire seems mild now… but Altman’s erotic, ironically humane anti-human craftsmanship has resisted the ravages of time, remaining vital in a new age that lives and breathes cynicism.
May 22, 2016
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Altman uses his usual chaotic, overlapping dialogue and abrupt, attention-shifting zooms in a context full of familiar faces, having convinced dozens of celebrities to pop in as themselves; the result has a fun-house-mirror quality that he makes explicit in a wildly stylized sex scene midway through the film.
May 21, 2016
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