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The Young Karl Marx

Le jeune Karl Marx

Dirigida por Raoul Peck
Francia, Alemania, 2017


The early years of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Jenny Marx, between Paris, Brussells and London.

The Young Karl Marx Dirigida por Raoul Peck
The movie does not put ideas at the forefront, but it does present ideas with a solidity that’s admirable. Peck’s co-screenwriters Pascal Bonitzer, a longtime collaborator of the late Jacques Rivette, and the two clearly know their stuff. The movie is largely a story of personalities. Karl is fiery, brilliant, disorganized, passionate. Engels is, despite his courage and curiosity, a bit more of a wide-eyed innocent and certainly a more organized person.
February 23, 2018
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From its lifelessly anachronistic English dialogue to its Masterpiece Theatre lighting and production design, The Young Karl Marx tries to filter radical thought through the pace and aesthetics of a middlebrow drama. Its politics wrapped in trappings as familiar as a recycled period costume, the film seems so competently genteel that it comes as a shock when Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” bursts in over the end credits—an injection of ambitious rock ‘n’ roll swagger that comes too late.
February 20, 2018
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The film has evocative bits and pieces, particularly pertaining to the physical act of writing in the 19th century. . . . Yet The Young Karl Marx reminds one of the perils involved with making a film about brilliant obsessives: their single-mindedness, a pivotal and inescapable element of their success and talent, can grow repetitive and overbearing for audiences.
February 18, 2018
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